maanantai 10. marraskuuta 2014

Hanoi Rocks - or what?

There are more people in Hanoi than in entire Finland and I think almost as many scooters. Maybe that´s what makes Hanoi to rock? Besides the busy traffic, little street kitchens and cafes are another distinctive feature of Hanoi. You can get a nice bowl of the famous pho-soup or rice and noodles, satay-sticks, coffee and tea, zurros... the whole meal! You just have to walk around a get them one by one, but that´s big part of the fun. As is squeezing your big western butt into a tiny chair hoping it won´t fall apart underneath. 
It´s always quite exciting to cross a street in Vietnam. The only way to do it to dare to take the first leap and than just keep slowly going. We were going to film you a How to cross a street in Vietnam teaching video, but forgot, sorry. Now we have just a little glimpse of the already settled down evening traffic.  

Hanoi is said to be lively and colorful city with friendly people. Maybe growing amounts of tourists (and junk shops) have ruined some of the old charm, but it´s still fascinating place. For me the famous temples, padogas, museums, and other sights were not the most important thing in Hanoi. I never seem to get bored with those ladies in their rice hats and spying people in their day-to-day duties. 
 Taking wedding pictures by the lakes and in the parks are very common on weekends.
We found a sauna from the back street but... let it be this time.
Nice and short update this time. What did you think of this? Or maybe you want to share your own opinion about Hanoi?

Next place on the plate will be Ha Long Bay, hooray!

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  1. Looks lovely! I can almost hear the buzzing scooters, smell the streetfood, dust and exhaust, and feel the warmth!

    ...btw, greetings from a rainy Stockholm, where it's +8 and already fully dark at 16:30... :P

    -Maria :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the greetings and comments Maria! We´ll send you warm and sunny thoughts. :D