maanantai 21. joulukuuta 2015

Omatoimimatka Mallorcalle osa 2

Meidän matkat on aina jossain määrin myös ruokamatkoja. Espanjassa tämä ehkä korostuu, koska ruoka ja viini ovat siellä NIIIN hyviä! Jotkut haukkuvat ruokien kuvaamista ruokapornoksi. Päätä sinä itse, mitä olet näistä mieltä.

Our travels are always some sort of culinary trips. I think this is emphasized in Spain because the food and wine are SOOO good there! Some people don´t like that people take pictures of food. Theyd call it foodporn. I don´t care about that. You can decide yourself what you think.

Here I ate one of the best seafood soups I have ever tasted.

I like the Spanish café culture.

Café solo - not so solo!
Modern tapas
Fresh coffee and spinach pie. Need I say more?
Heikki drooling...
Pastries are almost too tasty and cheap in Spain.

We visited way too many "pastisserias" during our holiday
Fruits are also juicy and tasty

We planed to do few hikes in Mallorca but the weather was just too hot for that in July. During this little walk I shared my lunch with a little friend. (Yes yes don´t feed the stray cats and dogs... blaa blaa blaa).
Great trip! I am pretty sure we go again!

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